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Art of Play: Playful Art by Southern Exposure Artists & Modified Perceptions: Glass Art by Several Artists

  • Art of the Play

    Free & Public Reception…
    Saturday, Oct. 26
    5-7:30 p.m.
    Walk&Talk: 5-6 p.m. with the Artists
    The show runs through December 6, 2019

  • Art of the Play

    What You Need To You…
    Upstairs Artspace, the contemporary art gallery in Tryon, NC, will host two new exhibitions, running Oct. 26 through Dec. 6, 2019. Art of Play is a collection of “playful” creations in mixed media by several artists who are members of the local art cooperative Southern Exposure. Modified Perceptions is a collection of sculptural glass by six glass artists.

    The exhibits will open Saturday, Oct. 26, with a free and public reception, 5-7:30 p.m. During the reception from 5 to 6 p.m., there will be a Walk&Talk, at which time the artists will speak to the patrons about their work. The public can view the exhibits at no charge Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. The exhibits’ last day will be Friday,
    “As we approach the end of 2019, we wanted to have exhibits that are both playful and elegant,” gallery President John Walters said. “Art Of Play is a delightful exhibit that is entertaining, fun, creative, and just full of personality. We’ve worked with the artists in Southern Exposure several times, and they always produce crowd-pleasing and high-quality work. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ll have Modified Perceptions, which will be sculptured glass. Very elegant, and, of course, very fragile. This work takes my breath away, but I always hold my breath when I’m near the glassworks. If you are looking to see diverse art, come to Upstairs Artspace to see these exhibits. You’ll smile at one; you’ll be in awe of the other.”

  • Art of the Play

    Art of Play artists are Carol Augthun, Jessica Barnes, Jim Creal, Amy Goldstein-Rice, Linda Hudgins, Cynthia Link, AliceKay McMillan, Claire Miller Hopkins, Jane Nodine, Sara Dame Setzer, Doris Turner, Ann Wenz, and David Zacharias--all members of Southern Exposure.

    “Our work is generally characterized by wit and humor, as well as artistic style,” Zacharias said. “The artists work in personal styles and media, including painting, drawing, ceramics, fiber art, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and mixed-media. Art of Play was chosen as a theme through a voting process, during which other titles were eliminated. Each artist was asked to interpret their meaning of this title and to produce six to 10 works related to this personal response. The range of styles, personalities, media, and sheer exuberance is outstanding, and every visitor is sure to find something they can relate to and enjoy.”

    Some of the work in Art of Play include whimsical paintings, sculptures of animals, postcard-like drawings, fiber wall hangings, colorful jewelry, and various ceramics.

    Southern Exposure is Spartanburg’s oldest artist cooperative, now in its 41st year, was organized by six artists in 1978, as a group to support artistic efforts. The group was enlarged to nine members immediately after its first exhibition. Over the years, the group has added and lost members, and, today, has grown to its current membership of 13. The cooperative has exhibited frequently throughout the Southeast, with notable shows in New York City and Atlanta. In and around Spartanburg County, the group frequently makes quality artwork accessible to people who do not normally visit museums and galleries by showing in public places, schools, libraries, and workplaces. Often these shows have a theme such as Red, A Common Thread, The Home and the Homeless, and Art of Play.

    The Modified Perceptions exhibit was curated by Hayden Wilson and Courtney Dodd. “The idea of this exhibition is to present work that asks viewers to rethink,” Dodd said. “The six artists who contributed to this exhibit are Hayden Wilson, Nickolaus Fruin, Nate Cotterman, Chris Kerr-Ayer, Kit Paulson, and myself. We are using optics, shifting perceptions, and recreating objects in glass that mimic other materials. Each one of is presenting work that uses glass in a curious way. We invite patrons to see the work by each artist, and we hope that will cause them to question, be surprised, and be as enamored with this fragile medium as we, the artists, are.”

    Some of the glassworks to be displayed include a collection of paper airplanes, bottles within bottles, crystal dumbbells, and reflective abstract sculptures.

  • Polk County Community Foundation
    Polk County Community Foundation

    Upstairs Artspace is supported, in part, by the Polk County Community Foundation