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Drawing Marathon IV

Drawing  Marathon IV

Drawing Marathon IV is a combination of work sessions for participating artists and a regular Upstairs’ exhibit; the event is held biennially. The marathon itself is when the artists spend a weekend at the gallery -- prior to the exhibit -- drawing works of art, using mediums and surfaces of their choice. These works are then installed as an exhibit for public viewing. Many of the artists are well established in their careers, but they love getting back to the basics of drawing, which is the foundation of all art. As organizer of the event, Linda Hudgins says, “Art doesn’t get any fresher than this.” She adds that this year, each artist will also exhibit a piece of art that represents what they normally create apart from drawing marathons.


There are 22 artists in the exhibits, and the work is for sale at affordable prices. The Upstairs thanks the Polk County Community Foundation for its support of these exhibits. For more information, contact the Upstairs at 828-859-2828; or

  • Polk County Community Foundation
    Polk County Community Foundation

    Upstairs Artspace is supported, in part, by the Polk County Community Foundation