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  • Drag

    Landrum-based artist and printmaker Hague Williams presents "Drag" at Upstairs Artspace for August and September 2019. In total he has 11 prints in his solo show, giving special emphasis to a collection that was made using plates that were "dragged" behind a car against the asphalt highway, creating amazing images of scratches and dings that give the impression of motion. Be sure to view the short videos that actually show the plates being dragged.

  • Papering Surfaces
  • Papering Surfaces
    Papering Surfaces

    Artists Lisa De Girolamo and Grant Penny are presenting "Papering Surface," an extensive collection of collages. Although the works of art are very different, they share in the art of collage, combining various images to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

    Girolamo: Generally, I decide on a color key for my palette and then begin arranging shape, color and line. The result may be more or less pleasing. But then I push for something deeper: qualities such as order, unity and proportion. At this point the work can begin to have a life of its own - no longer just an assortment of pictorial elements - but something that has become a composition, now able to convey poetically, and abstractly, an experience of the visual world.

    Penny: Over the years I’ve made an effort to have creative endeavors that are separate from my work as a graphic designer. Something hands on (non-digital). A combination of these personal explorations evolved into the collage pieces that you see here. Beyond the personal satisfaction of doing this work, I found myself asking the question “what does the art mean to me?” Looking back at the work, collectively, the answer seemed obvious – and it is ultimately true of my life – I seek and crave simplicity. I am the most happy when I consciously enjoy the moment – making my daughter laugh – dancing with my wife in the living room – a glass of wine and a book. Simple things bring me joy and I try to convey that feeling of simplicity in my work.

  • Re/Assembled

    Re/Assembled is a group exhibit by several artists, each of whom has a different understanding and approach to what it means to "assemble." In all cases of this large, extensive, and diverse exhibit, the end results are works of art that were created by combining physical elements to create something new. Sometimes those elements are "found." Other times, the elements were selectively acquired. All are very interesting and thought provoking. The artists in this exhibit include: Janet Orselli, D.J. Gaskin, Hague Williams, Michael Ziemer, and Lori Jusino. This exhibit runs Aug. 17-Sept. 27, 2019.

  • Polk County Community Foundation
    Polk County Community Foundation

    Upstairs Artspace is supported, in part, by the Polk County Community Foundation